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Fandub Groups!


Siiiiii ya esta aki la pesada otra vez actualizando (y lo que os queda XDDD)
Pues como dije aquí traigo la lista, no precisamente pequeña de proyectos y grupos en los que estoy y como creo que lo entendereis aún poniendo en inglés me limitaré a escribirlo en inglés en lugar de hacer dos listas XD

Yeah in my last entry i said that i was going to put my listo of groups i'm part of so i'm here for that now ^^

Vanilla Frenzy (Project)
I'm the oficial nee-san in the group, i'm not the oldest but i usually act like the old sister for most of the members so they are now my little sisters ^^ And in the group i'm one of the official mixers for audio and video ^^ (but not the best at u.u) Ah and i'm the only 4th gen member and proud of it always! *O*

Units i'm in

Secret Garden (member and audio-mixer) Covering jpop song we want
THE MARS ( member and one of the audio-mixers) covering Johnny's groups songs
KTF (Keep the faith) (leader and mixer) Covering DBSK songs
Vanilla Cafe (member and mixer) Covering An Cafe songs
Sexy Unnie (member) Covering kpop songs we want
FNZ8 (member) Covering AKB48 songs

BANG (Beautiful Angels Normal Girls)
I'm the lider, this was the first project i ever started and i'm proud of this group and actual members (soon i'm going to open auditions again ^^) We're a plural group because we can sing any boy or girl japanese or korean songs and sometime we're going to try to sing something in chinese too muwahahahaha

Gong Hang Eumak
This is a litle group that covered kpop songs and now we're close to do our 1st aniversary *-*

Hello! Stage
H!P covering group, at first i was in Gekkou but now i'm part of Nichibotsu *-*

Kakkoi Musume
Jpop girl groups covering group. This project wasn't really active the last time but i hope it would be active again sometimes. I'm a second gen member hopping to see this project alive again

 Kyoku Project
I was the first 6th gen member entering Kyoku and i'm one of the soloist of the project. Soon is going to be released my first album in the project ^^ wait for it~~

HANABI! Project
I'm one of the second gen members and i'm in Hanabi! 5nin love unit and Gigles Musume and Love Kobou groups ^^ 

 Aijou Project
Before knows as Musume Charm Project but we made a new star when yt deleted our old channel. I'm one of the second gen member, the sub-leader of Sunset Musume and a member of Amai Yume (before knows as Kanbi na Unmei) and sometimes i'll help with audio-mixing

Hello Shoka Project 
I'm one of the first gen members and i'm afraid of that this group dead because we only released one song and some month ago was the last word of our leader u.u I hope you can back here Konoka-chan! I want to see the release of Happy Musume and Raspberry Koubou

Shizen Project
I'm one of the 4th gen members, there my name is Zabon ^^

groups of the project i'm in:

Jijin Haeil - covering kpop girl group
Nisshoku- covering Morning Musume (my idol is LinLin)
Smexy4 - covering H!P
Keeki Quartet - covering H!P

Kimochi Project 
My new own project muwahahaha so i'm the Leader and lead mixer 
The groups we have are....

Shiawase - covering  j-music girl groups

Aijou - covering j-music soloist
Yorokobi - covering j-music boybands 

I'm one of the first gen member and ther i found a lovely family that i love~~

CANDY Project 
This is still a new project so i don't know if it's going to work or no but i hope the answer will be yes. I'm a member of M&M and my idol ther is LinLin ^^

Chuu~! Project 
I'm going to take part i their concert as Risako Sugaya 

EDN Productions 
This is a group that covers AKB48 songs, i'm a second gen member and a member of the Team D My name for the project is Yamashita Ayumi (can you guess why i choose that name? xDDD)

Moshi Project 
This is a H!P covering group and i'm one of the first gen members ^^

Is a team for the DUBattleRoyalle!

I was selected for 5th gen of the project some days ago so i'm not working in any song for this yet xD

Biyuki Project 
I'm one of the 1st gen member and i'm in the Ichigo Kumo group that covered Berryz Koubou songs, my idol there is Yurina Kumai ^^ 

Byul Project 
covering Buono! and i'm Miyabi Natsuyaki there ^^ 

Kimagure project 
I'm in the Berryz Koubou covering group as Captain (Saki Shimizu)

Miracle Project 
I'm one of the new members for  B5 - 隕石の確率 a group covering AKB48 songs ^^

Aparts of thoose projects i joined some more but they gone away without debuting and sadly i worked for nothing -_- Sadly that is really usual in the dubbing world but i never give up and audition for new project allways that i have time for a new one ^^
AH! and i can't forget to metion my little project that i started in my aniversary, the Eri Love, i'm going to sing in duets with some of my lovely dubing friends all the singles that Eri Kamei was in Morning Musume ^^ and something more, like 231463241365464 concerts of H!P that is Namii organizating *^*

Now i'm going to bed, tomorrow i have to wake up and do my japanese homeworks and study some kanji before my class (yesss like always i'm going to do my homeworks at the last minute! XDD)

Bueno si alguna quiere que traduzca mis comentarios que me lo diga y ya, pero despues de todo el tiempo que me he pegado para apuntar tooodos los grupos y proyectos en los que estoy sin olvidar ni uno, no me apetece traducirlo XDDD Pero si alguien me lo pide mañana lo edito con calma y traduzco ^^
 Pues eso que me voy ya a la cama que mañana tengo que hacer mis deberes de japonés y estudiar kanji por la mañana (a parte de mis tareas diarias de casa -_-) que como siempre me espero al ultimo momento para hacerlos XDDD

  Oya~~ =o=

mode: tired -_-
music: Furusato - Niigaki Risa's solo version

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